SUNCOATMAX Low-E Insulating Glass

If you’re considering new windows, what you gain in improved home comfort and energy savings far surpasses the low-cost investment you’ll make to select Milgard SunCoatMAX™ low-e insulating glass.

Milgard SunCoatMAX™ low-e insulating glass just plain works harder! When summertime temperatures soar, you need relief. Wintertime blues? No longer do you have to suffer winter’s discomfort inside your home.


Summer-time relief used to mean cranking up the air conditioning. Our solution? Milgard SunCoatMAX™ low-e insulating glass. A marvelous solution to reject the sun’s heat and damaging rays, while keeping your home cooler and more comfortable. The SunCoatMAX™ low-e coating provides the best clarity and highest performance for all solar gain low-e glass products. Gain tinted glass shading benefits without having to sacrifice natural light flowing into your home!

*Used as one pane in a double-pane glass unit.

† Hard-coat low-e with 0.20 emittance.

Milgard SunCoatMAX™ reduces the solar heat gain 62.5% over ordinary single-coat low-e glass—a clear choice to improve home comfort when the sun’s beating down on your home.


During winter’s fury, the use of Milgard SunCoatMAX™ increases the glass surface temperature at the center of each window in your home. This is important for your winter-time comfort. In fact, the ‘Efficient Windows Collaborative’ ( suggests that when glass surface temperatures fall below 52°F, there is risk of thermal discomfort. Ordinarily, 75% of a window’s exposed surface is glass, and the interior glass temperature affects your room’s air temperature.

*Used as one pane in a double-pane glass unit.

† Hard-coat low-e with 0.20 emittance.

Our SunCoatMAX™ provides a substantial 19.7% center-of-glass temperature gain over clear glass double-pane glass with 20° Fahrenheit outside temperature (an even better 32.7% improvement gain at -20° Fahrenheit outside)—a clear choice to improve home comfort when you’re in the middle of winter’s wrath. The use of argon gas in a SunCoatMAX™ glass unit could improve your thermal performance even further—consult with your Milgard representative.

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Leading the way to improved energy savings
Our R & D department is so dedicated to energy efficient windows that we’ve placed considerable resources into every aspect of our product—from the frame, to the operation, to the type of glass we use; an energy efficient window is not just one element. It’s the synergy of all these components. Energy efficient windows, insulated window

Milgard Windows is proud to be an Energy Star® Partner.
That means our products provide such exceptional energy saving qualities that it has been recognized by Energy Star®. The fact is, our windows frequently exceed Federal Department of Energy standards.

Should you replace your windows?

Research shows residential window replacements are one of the best investments of any home improvement project. Not to mention energy efficiency or the transformation of your home’s appearance.

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